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Rent direct from the landlord and his excellent team
Maintenance & gardening included

All houses now let for 2019-20! 

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Check our Properties page for a preview of what's available for 2020-21 - viewings for the next academic year will commence in October 2019.

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All houses now let for 2019-20

Here is a sample of our houses which will be available from July 2020

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When our friends talk about the houses they’ve rented in Cardiff
we realise just how lucky we’ve been – such an incredible house with no bond or fees!

Anna, Coburn Street

We only wish we'd found John Winter when searching for our first house - this year has been worlds apart from our last agent! Thank you!

Lottie, Thesiger Street

An experience of renting that most Cardiff students never even dream of

Hannah, Thesiger Street

We're going to really struggle moving on to 'normal' housing when we have to leave here - it's even better than being at home!

Marie, Woodville Road

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About all properties

Full details are listed for every individual house, but all my houses are let on the following unique terms:

What comes with each house?

All houses are decorated annually to the highest standard, and come part-furnished with:

Every tenant living in my houses also benefits from:

I pride myself in offering the very best renting experience possible, and ensure my houses are maintained to the very best standards, irrespective of cost.

Allowing for utilities and other bills

Our houses are let exclusive of bills - by paying the providers directly, you will save the typical premium of approximately 200% that all 'bills-inclusive' setups incorporate. 

When browsing for houses, you should allow: 

These reliable averages, based on regular review of the costs our tenants are actually paying, are to cover gas & electricity, water, internet and TV licensing. 

Full-time students are exempt from paying Council Tax - we will register you accordingly with Cardiff Council prior to the start of your tenancy. 

Better houses, better terms, lower costs

Uniquely in Cardiff, I let all my houses on the very best terms

Even with the less expensive Cardiff letting agents, fees and extras add up to make what appears to be a reasonable rent an expensive undertaking. My team have researched the fees charged by the main six student letting agents and Cardiff University Student Union’s letting agency, to give you a fair and accurate comparison of the charges you can expect when renting student accommodation:

What are the standard charges?

The 'big six' student letting agents Cardiff Student Letting (CUSU) John Winter
Holding deposit £50 each (towards agency fee - non refundable) None None
Bond One month’s rent each + £50 per person One month’s rent each + £100 for the whole group None
Agency fee £120 per person None None

Charges for an average house (based on 6 sharing at £350 pp pcm)

The 'big six' student letting agents Cardiff Student Letting (CUSU) John Winter
Holding deposit 6 × £50 (towards agency fee - non refundable) = £300
None None
Bond £400 × 6 = £2,400 £350 × 6 + 100 = £2,200 None
Agency fee 6 × Remaining £70 each to pay after holding deposit = £420 None None
Total £3,120 for the group / £520 per person; equivalent to £43.33 per month £2,200 for the group / £337 per person; equivalent to £31 per month £0.00

These additional charges mean that, on average, an average £350 per person house (a typical moderate student rent for Cardiff) with any of the main student housing providers will, in real terms, cost you around £380-£390 each — the same rent as one of my very top-of-the-range houses.

What extra charges can I expect?

Many agents and other landlords will also pass on the fees incurred in preparing the paperwork relating to the condition of the house before and after your tenancy (inventory/schedule of condition and check-in or check-out fees), and you’re likely to have to pay your agency fee again to sign up for another year; additional charges such as these normally run to £150-£200 per person over the year, much of this up-front.

We do not charge any such fees to tenants.

Are bills included? 

Our houses are let without bills included, for a very good reason. 

Any offer - whether through a third-party bills-splitting service or arranged via the landlord - to include utility bills within the rent will, by necessity, be calibrated to allow for grossly wasteful usage without leaving the arranging party out-of-pocket. 

Additionally, third-party services such as Glide, Bulb, SplitTheBills and others frequently market their services via letting agents or landlords by offering commission when you sign up to use them - these incentives to the landlord or agent are paid by you, in the form of a premium on your costs. 

No 'bills-inclusive' offer via a third party is truly unlimited, either - all have fair usage caps, which are rarely sufficient, and exorbitant additional usage rates. Most students using these services find that they would have paid far less by dealing directly with a mainstream supplier. 

We offer the best of both worlds - water, gas and electricity accounts for all our houses are set up accurately and promptly by us at the beginning of every tenancy. You pay only the fair market rate for what you use, with the added bonus of our expert team being able to intervene on any account irregularities. We also close all accounts for our tenants at the end of the tenancy. 

Most of our houses are also not fitted with a water meter and are on a fixed rate for water billing - this saves, for groups of 3 or more, anywhere between 10% and 50% depending on group size and usage.